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Yes, finally I managed to watch Harlock with subbed, not dubbed. Make sure to check whether it's dubbed or not before you purchase the tickets. But even if it's subbed, you'll find that the sub actually follows the English dub, which change all the names and that's quite annoying.

Like any other reviews out there, the movie is seriously visually attractive, you cannot expect less from Japanese to make such detailed constructed animation, be it 2D or 3D, whatever, your eyes are entertained and happy!

But, sadly the reviews stopped there, why? Because none of them really understand the story, and honestly, neither do I. Well, roughly you can understand the general story line, which is precisely what the trailer gives you. I find that this movie is made specially for the fans. Yes, they don't really care about general public, and just give things enough for general public to grasp, which is, well, the visual..

Then? What else to watch then? Well, if you pay enough attention, they made Harlock's & Yama's face actually similar to Oguri's & Haruma's. And I like the way all the casts voice over the movie, even the story is rather confusing (jumpy as any other complicated anime squeezed into a 2 hours movie), we still can catch the emotion part of the characters and the visual also shows it from the character's face expression.

Well, enjoy the trailer... see? Yama does look like Haruma, yes?


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