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Fantastic Epi 16

Well, that's another good balance drama. I skipped a lot for this drama especially the superbly evil family scene, and I cheered when Baek Seol finally yelled at the a$$hole husband over the phone, and yey for Attorney Kim to get his happy end. I feel content watching this ending alone. And against all odds, our main cancer patient survived the ordeal, I'm a bit contemplated on this, yes, I'm happy with the happy end and it gives hope and all the good stuffs, but at the same time, not all cancer patients survive and thrive against all odds. However, that might be, the journey is fun and delightful to watch. They put all emotions in all together in every episodes and deliver it with a much lighter way (well, if you compare it with the harem drama.... so... yeah). I'm a bit worried about JiSoo though, yes, it's good that he's everywhere now, but I kind of feel that his roles are about the same, from angry mom, harem drama, and now this. Only a slight difference, but at the end of the day the delivery is about the same, the awkwardness, the charging ahead, well, the look and feel is the same. Is it maybe because they're all side characters that there's not much room to really grow the character or it's just the roles personalities that he took in are about the same in a way. I look forward for something different, the kid is eye candy with potential <3.

Career Epi 2

As we move on to episode 2, I kind of warm up to Tamaki's character, sort of let go the annoyance of 'try too hard to be friendly and lowkey' vibes on his character, and I surely hope they put a stop of the shining light effect everytime Chief Toyama flashed out his police badge, the aweing plus LOL effect kind of fast turned into annoyance. I guess, we'll keep having the situation whereby there're multiple (maybe more than 2) completely unrelated minor case which will end up linked together and Chief Toyama has the eye of details to connect all those things together. In this episode, it's quite interesting and I'd hope the quality of the case will go up as we progress further. I like what the subordinate said about Chief Toyama and Minami combi, 'the perfect combination of great insight and intimidation', what a perfect description! I hope Minami will soon lighten up towards Chief Toyama because clearly Chief Toyama has a lot of cards under his sleeves, but if by Epi 4 he's still the same, I'll be majorly sighteyeing the writers!

Nigeru wa Hajida ga Yaku ni Tatsu Epi 1

Damn, the title sure is long! I watched this to get away from that harem drama withdrawal syndrome, and this is sure a great relief. Light and non-damaging at all. Well, at least this is the life action from a josei manga, not some shoujo manga (we have too many of those already). The story is about exploring the idea of marriage as an employment contract, meaning the husband employs the wife as a housewife, and gives her the salary she's entitled from all the housework done. I like the approach of this drama, they make it look like Jonetsu Tairiku style to introduce the characters' background. While it's all fun and all that, I do wonder what's the message from this drama. The main character, Mikuri, though a university graduate, couldn't find a proper full time job and ended up with a temp job and just got laid off. Having nowhere to go, she accepted the part time job as a cleaner for Tsuzaki, our main dude. The proposal for the marriage contract looks like the runaway ticket for Mikuri against reality. So what this drama is trying to tell the audience, get married if cannot find a job? I haven't read the manga yet, kind of tired if I have to read the manga for all the live action drama. But, I do hope that they're going to have Mikuri's character grow to have more backbone and face the tough job hunting field.

That harem drama Epi 16-17

Ah, the drama which has consumed me for the past few weeks, and I'll have a major withdrawal syndrome once this drama ends next week. Gosh, it's only left with 3 more episodes and there's only angst, angst, and angst, well, with carrot dressed in diamonds for epi 16, if I should say. The drama is telling us that we, audience, should be greatful for any hint of cuteness of our main OTP SoxSoo while butcher our hearts by eg. killing off the most innocent characters of them all and to make it worse made the precious pup did the dirty job. To add to our list of angst, we have the break out, the wait, and rejection coming our way before the carrot dressed in diamonds is presented in like... 6 minutes screen time, and yes, we, audience, will still eat it up and crave for somemore angst. Epi 17 is just brewing more angst for Epi 18 (kind of dread of what's coming, esp with the preview of precious pup crying, he's been through A LOT, apparently not enough for the sadist writers to torture this character). Well, in the meantime, I'll just fill myself with lots of fluff fanfic of SoxSoo, if they don't get the happy end, there're tons of fanfic ready to be unleashed to satisfy the thirst for the happy end LOL. And after all these, by now all the snakes in the palace are still alive and well and are out to eat up our precious OTP, noooo!!! I'm still clinging on the 'the journey will be painful but it'll have a happy end', but Gwanjong with eyeliner kinds of make me waver, damn!

Oh the implied meaning... LOL...
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Fantastic Epi 14

I forgot where I left off for this drama, but since harem drama was not aired today (in real life, baseball game takes precedence over the love story of Wang So & Hae Soo), I just randomly click the latest episode... and I didn't miss a thing.
The main couple in this drama is not my OTP, and at the beginning episodes, I skipped a lot. The male lead was rather annoying, the female lead was very emo and kept ding dong-ing over her decisions. The 2nd lead doctor was too perfect to be true (and yes, in this episode, it explains why he's described to be so perfect, am sure they did some snippets here and there in the previous episodes as we saw flashbacks of him). I do get and kind of pity the female lead though. She's fighting her cancer, yet this ex boyfriend of her is pestering her, and on top of that, her work has its own challanges, and in drama logic, any evil characters must be connected at some manners to the good characters. And in this drama, there's no further depth in the evil characters, they're just self centered, self entitled, rude and despicale people, period. I was so glad that finally Baek Seol (my fave female character here) finally stands up to herself (you go girl!). I do hope my OTP ship sails though I'll be fine if it's not either due to their circumstances.

If I were to go back to watch the prior episodes, it'll be solely for the OTP LOL.

Career Epi 1

Finally! Tamaki's new drama. But I'd guess this will be like any typical lighter police drama but less lighter than Bitter Blood. I'd hope for more angst and darker past, but probably will wait for more episode for some of the mysteries to be revealed eg. what's the relationship of the past Chief with Toyama and Minami and what makes Minami to be so annoying as he's now. The first case itself is not that wow-ing, it makes me feel that j-dorama is running out of ideas for their police drama either. Fuji-TV, I think you can do better. There're so many good lighter police drama already, so it kind of hard when you have to compete with the likes of Bitter Blood or BOSS, and even tougher when you go down the darker side eg. Unfair or Strawberry Night. And, if I don't see Chief Toyama start shedding his 'trying too hard to be friendly and lowkey' attitude and actually kick some actual ass (I don't need the actual kick ass because Tamaki just need to slay people with words and I'll be watching), I can see myself dropping this drama.


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