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Hmm... I rarely post anything lately... work & stress piling up, and worse part... I've been coughing over the past 1.5 month... non stop T__T. Diagnosed ranging from acute bronchitis, throat infection to allergy (I think this is the correct one) and now I'm on inhaler (like those people having asthma, except I don't have asthma but it helps to suppress the urge to cough until some point). Supposedly to be on this inhaler for 2 weeks and cross finger this will be the last of it, am tired of taking 2 days MC and busy coughing and not doing anything but coughing and now... sneezing and the worst part, eating lozenges until my tongue numbs. Feel sorry for my taste buds because it's either orange flavor or the indescribable disgusting flavor called mint.

Well, aside from all those RL ranting and T__T or -__-" moments (tons of these), Winter 2014 dramaland just passed by... not so eventful, unfortunately. I did watched more than I thought, well, I thought I watch only 2, but turned out I watched more! However, there're lots of interesting SPs to check out. Part of the reason why I don't follow the drama in consistent manner is the subs... somehow either they're non existence or super slow. I've been contemplated to just screw the sub and watch without it, but then it'll be very unproductive to later rewatch the whole batch when the subs are out. Sometimes I caved in but sometimes I just... wait persistently until some good souls out there sub them.

Without further ado, these are what I watched :D...

Not so long review coz... )


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