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Couple of things that I got excited about this week...

Criminal Minds starts tomorrow!! Finally back to seeing LJK kicking ass, this time I hope he has more kick ass fight scenes. As more teasers and trailers are upped, the drama looks more promising than I initially thought. I have a feeling it'll be more gruesome than the US version because well, K-drama likes to play up the emotion aspect and if they can make the bad guys excruciatingly evil in makjangs, what the chances are when they have tons of psycho characters at their disposal for this drama. I hope this time the rating is better than the harem drama...

Next, we have a longer trailer for Sensei, and most of the scenes from what I remember is from the first arc of the story, so.. if they're going to cram the whole thing, and I suspect they also try to include the side story too... omg, please don't. The manga did have a long round about on Hibiki's rebellious period, but I really hope they don't cover that because... really I thought those are filler in the manga itself lol. Anyway, Toma looks good as Itou sensei huehehe...

And finally... finally! Waki Yamato's manga Haikarasan ga Tooru gets anime movie adaptation, 2 parts. I love the manga, though my favorite Waki Yamato works is still Yokohama Monogatari, but Haikarasan is still set at the same time period. But again, I wonder how are they going to cram 7 volumes into 2 movie parts? hmmm... nevertheless, still excited about this one!


Jun. 18th, 2017 10:30 am
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So, finally the trailer for Narratage is out. I mean, it's Matsujun... but why I'm not excited about this movie... at all? *sad*
I like Matsujun in romance, and this is not the first time he's doing a movie with the extra marital theme. Remember that hot movie called Tokyo Tower with Okada? I like that movie and the affairs plot in that movie is no joke, tons of lust and wrongs, and heck they even gave happy ending to Okada while Jun got the bittersweet ending. But this one... the idea of the story itself is kind of repulsive to me. I don't mind extra marital theme, but I don't know, with so many drama with similar theme in the past few years, it puts questions in my mind. Are they trying to right these types of affairs by romanticizing it? Or is it because the character is a teacher, and if they romanticize this, it kinds of gives a very wrong image to teachers as education pillars? Oh, I'm praying real hard that the affair only starts after the girl graduated (lessen the guilt, but not lessen the affair itself).

I also get the logic of taboo equals to romantic in Japan. While I find that it works for anime, it doesn't seem to work for drama, at least for me. It's easier to detach the anime or manga against the reality, but it's different if it's a drama or movie with actual people acting on it. Especially when the actor is somebody from Johnny's with MEGA fanbase of ladies with very wide age gap and the majority are at school age. What message does this convey? Schoolgirls can seduce their teachers and the teachers will reciprocate like Matsujun? Or Schoolgirls can fantasize on Matsujun to be their teacher and on their bed? Really?

And the way the trailer is packaged looks more like a commercial movie rather the artsy movie (you know those that goes to Cannes festival kind of movie). So, clearly this caters to a very wide general public, not aim for artistic value therefore targeting a niche type of audiences.

If this is the idea of Japan to encourage its citizens to have more babies then... ... ...

All in all, if I were going to see this movie, it'll be just for Matsujun only, and I really hope to be proven wrong.

And I'm not excited about 99.9% season 2 either, didn't finish the 1st one (struggle actually), what makes me want to watch the 2nd one? *sobs*
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I ran through my J-movie stash since a friend of mine asked about Kuroshitsuji live action, not sure why she wants to watch this one (the movie where the only main point is HIRO IS SO DAMN KAKKOII, and that's it) while shunned Kenshin live action from the get go (I suggested it and it got shut down right away LOL). And... while running through my stash, I started clicking and I just marathon-ed 2 movies... Tenshi no Koi and Hanamizuki. Clearly these 2 movies are NOT the right movie to watch on a weekday, damn I'm still half sobbing as I'm writing this.

I think I'm going to just rewatching my old stash of movies. They just reminds me why I love J-movies and dramas in the first place, the magic! It gives you that feels, hard to describe, the closest thing that I can think of, is the depth of emotions are conveyed from the movies. Maybe it's the script or just the overall theme of the movie itself, but it's something that's lacking from the current J-movies. Seriously, they really gotta stop with all those live actions, unless they really put real effort in producing them. Else, don't, just stop, you're butchering fantastic manga stories that actually still have that magic and those magical moments that makes you squeel in manga and they just disappear the moment you see it on screen, and that's just SAD T__T.

So here I'm praying hard that Ikuta Toma's Sensei! is not butchered *crossing fingers & toes*

... the whole trailer here translated to just the first 10 chapters only... out of 80plus chapters... gee, I'm really extremely nervous now LOL...

On the seinen live action part, based on the trailers, it looks like Gintama (though I'm not the fan) and Fullmetal Alchemist will be the good ones, and I still have reservation for Ajin & Tokyo Ghoul (not from the acting part, the packaging part).
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Well, we again have abundance of live action, which thankfully not only shoujo manga, this year. Lots of them still have Yamaken as lead, which I refuse to watch because I don't like this kind of overexposed aspect, though it's mostly good for him, and I don't really know how to appreciate this kid. This time I just want to talk about 2 of the live action, Tokyo Ghoul and Ajin, these 2 movies are going to be released only 2 months apart from each other, Tokyo Ghoul in July and Ajin in September. What interests me is that these 2 are very similar. Hence, let's talk about them ;).

Ramble time )

And here're the trailers, the short ones, I'm still waiting for the longer trailers.

Now, when are we going to have Psychopass live action? Is Cybil system too hard to create by CG? The cosplay folks can even do it well (here), surely the real production can do this?
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Having almost to no drama to watch (yes, it's that much drama I've been watching lately) makes me end up with mindless browsing on drama thumbnails, both j-drama and k-drama. Upon browsing those, I realize, there're more and more cross remakes happening between Chinese, Korean and Japanese, whether it's drama converted to drama or movie converted to drama vice versa. First we have the live-action from manga to drama/movie, then on top of that there's these remakes. The remakes has been happening since years ago, and it creates kind of an excitement and curiousity especially if the original is that good, will the remake be as good or even better? But just like its live-action counterpart, seems that I've been hearing remakes more often now, compare to years ago. What happened? Does the industry getting lazzier and just want to get quick ideas and cash in? It's still a gamble despite the original being mega successful (side eyeing a certain drama, you know which one). So below is just some example that I can think of, you know how lazy I am to do extra research to find out ALL remakes across 10 years? Please don't expect me to do this, I still have to use my brain to prepare for workshop & training materials (RL sucks), and this is just for fun and healing therapy for me.

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Anybody excited on this? I do, coz... Yamada and shunin.

Well, Dean Fujioka really had his breakthrough huh. Can still remember the odd awkward feelings saw his interview article on airlines magazine years ago thinking 'Who's this dude?', so good on him.

On Yamada, I don't understand the hate on his Nagisa in Ansatsu, thought it was fine and Yamada made a good psycho killer anyway and proven by his Grasshopper's Semi. But my fave work of his is Risou no Musuko, the koala punch and cosplay are unforgettable lol

The only worrisome thing is the CG. I hope it's not some cheap unrealistic CG *cough* shingeki no kyojin.

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I just marathoned the whole 26 episodes of the anime (Himitsu the Revelation). Not sure how close the anime to the manga, but at least now I know roughly what to expect out of the movie. In short, it'll be about a team of detective called Sector Nine which job is to solve crime cases via analyzing the brain memories, to the point of actually convert those memory to visual and through that there's a hope to identify the true criminal. The subject of pondering from this franchise is everybody has a secret that they don't want to reveal, is it ethical to watch all these secrets for the name of solving crime?

The live action movie will tone down the brain part as in, instead of having the frozen brain (which means cutting the head to extract the brain at the background - you can't help but imaging that, right?, and this maybe too grotuesque for some live action viewers), we have the whole body and just the head is attached to cables for scanning. Not as convincing as the manga but, OK, I'll accept.

Maki is a very complicated and mysterious character. He doesn't talk much, except for work (analysis and ordering his team members). The manga definitely will explore A LOT of his past, etc etc because he's the main character and also the pretty one. I'm quite curious how the movie turn out with Ikuta Toma as Maki. In general, it'll look like a typical character that Toma would play (after all, some of his movie characters are those mysterious or psychotic ones too), but this time it's kind of borderline.

Akio's character is the very earnest hardworking dude who will more likely to go above and beyond to seek justice and also the very good pair for doujinshi material. Seriously, this franchise is screaming to the doujinshi out there 'make me, make me'.

And, not to mention Matsuzaka Tori is Suzuki. I'm expecting high performance from him, especially after watching him in Library Wars and Nihon no Ichiban Nagai Hi, for major angst and the clash between Suzuki and Maki. Damn he's literally everywhere.

Another tidbits, the director is Keishi Ohtomo, the same director for Kenshin trilogy and Platinum Data. I'd think this movie will be closer to Platinum Data style.

And there you go, we have 1 out so many movies to be anticipated in 2016... it's AUG 2016 release for goodness sake.


Nov. 29th, 2015 08:29 pm
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Library Wars post will have to wait because I'm sorting out lots of things in my head for that one. In the meantime, I watched Bakuman today. I find it always interesting to watch for audience demographic. Bakuman is a seinen manga live action, so normally you'd expect to see, well, dudes. I did see some dudes, but there were more ladies than dudes, and with variety of age too, not just teenagers. Definitely lots of manga fans watching this movie, but I don't think I'd be wrong if there are people just watching it for Sato Takeru. As for me, I started to read the manga some time ago, but I didn't manage to finish it, though, so there may be some aspects that are missing.

In short, Bakuman is the fast track story of how to become a full fledged mangaka, with the 2 rather geeky high school kids, Mashiro and Takagi. Mashiro knew more about manga world as his uncle was a mangaka and at the same time saw all the ugly sides of the world. Together with Takagi as his teammate, he aimed to have a serialization at the weekly Shonen Jump (the magazine where 98% of your favorite anime come from). The story shows us definitely not the glory side of being a mangaka. It's all about the blood and sweat effort put into 1 manga chapter for Shonen Jump and not to mention about the competition with other mangakas. At the same time, the story also shows us the glimpse of manga culture in Japan.

I find that again, this is one of those well-done live action, story-wise. They know that you cannot fit 20 volumes (not chapters) of manga into a 2 hours movie, so they chose the scenes wisely, not trying to cram almost about everything into the movie and ended up messing up lots of things. Definitely they include enough of necessary scenes for the story. They tweaked Mashiro's proposal to be done in school instead of late night at Miho's house. They also cut the scene whereby their classmates ridiculed their effort to short cut into the manga world. To be fit into a movie, they use a totally new manga work, not the same as the ones used in the manga itself. They definitely include the scene whereby Mashiro was hospitalized due to overwork, but the situation itself is again tweaked, and they don't sprint the story up to the end of the manga's storyline. Thank goodness, they don't use the time gap to catch up with the manga. Another interesting thing that I notice is they like to use soft light with the scene between Mashiro and Miho and it makes Miho looks dreamy from Mashiro's point of view, and they kept it this way until the end, as if to show that Miho will be always Mashiro's dream. To me, it's understandable because they don't have the intention to have the ending the same as the manga. The movie closed its curtain with the graduation and the birth of the serialization, which was the hit series in the manga. I'd say that's a very well done and thought through sliced & diced, not half baked at all. It makes a difference to a movie overall experience. They balance humour (lots of it), rivalry, angst, and more importantly the spirit of youth - viva seishun! (afterall our main lead characters are high shool kids), which is the foundation of the manga.

Having Sato Takeru as Mashiro, a high school kid, is really pushing the limit. His face is too mature already, especially when you put him side by side with Kamiki (it makes the poster obviously photoshopped LOL). BUT, when you see the acting and the chemistry, to say that he's too old for a high school kid will end up as whining and nitpicking. The teamwork is so good and I totally forgot that these two were Kenshin and Soujiro. Well, not entirely forgot when they have 1 scene where Mashiro and Takagi wielded pencil and pen in the manga battle scene with Nizuma (yes, all CG, but it's so cool, and the result of doing Kenshin movies shows). I love the over the top geekiness for these two and it's adorable, especially after the hard work that they put through. They always scream histerically when something major happened along their path, together, and that makes us as the audience rooting for them even more. Since this is a manga-themed movie, they had tons of scenes of drawing manga (well, what do you expect), so definitely both of them had training of drawing manga, eg. using the G-pen, inking, coloring, etc, and for them they also have to make it look realistic (which was done very well) and cool.

I find this movie proves me that Sato Takeru is getting smart in choosing his roles. He's been in a number of live action adaptations until now, and the latter ones were all well made. We have Kenshin (still the best live action movie - the whole trilogy - as of now), Kano-Uso (I personally love this one), and now, Bakuman. I'm not saying that BECK is a disaster and heck, I even cried over ROOKIES, but compared to the his latter roles, these two becomes a so-so live adaptation. With that, I'm looking forward to his future projects!

So, you're thinking of seeing this movie to see prestine looking Sato & Kamiki, well, this is not the right movie as most of the time both of them are covered with ink and with dark circles, ha! But overall, it's a really good movie about youth, the spirit of friendship, and off course, manga!
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Io Sakisaka is probably the only mangaka that I know having 2 of her works turned to movies in such short period gap, not even a 1 year gap! Between Ao Haru Ride and Strobe Edge, I personally prefer Srobe Edge storyline, but I find that Ao Haru Ride has more popularity as they turned it into anime first then movie. Like most of shoujo manga live action, Ao Haru Ride is about high school life and the romance blossoms within it. We call it 青春 (seishun), youth. Like all its counterparts, it has the standard elements of first love, friendship, angst, complication, cute moments, and off course the munekyun moments. With the so many shoujo manga turned to live action these days, what make this one stand out aka worth watching?

Futaba & Kou... )
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There're so many of them... too many of them, I feel. D Whenever there's a romantic movie (in particular) coming up, lately, chanses are it's a live action from a manga. There're still some adapted from novels, but lately whenever I picked up a manga that I think it's interesting, sooner or later there's a live action coming. The reverse also happens where I saw movie trailers and thought of picking up the manga, and this category is piling up. Now, I'm not so sure whether this is a good trend or not, and I don't dislike the array of manga being converted, but I'd think it's an overkill if they're using the same dude over and over for the list of the live actions. The most blatant example is Fukushi Sota. Yes, he's practically a live version of shoujo manga male head to toe, but seeing him in highschool uniform over and over it's a bit too much lately. I'm sure there're so many other ikemen actors out there. There're gazzilion ones in Johnny's and Amuse that can be rotated, right?

Having said that, let's see how many that I've watched so far. Movies only. Somehow I still can track dramas, but I literally lost it on the movies. It's all starts from...

Love Complex - This is one of the earlier shoujo manga live action I watched. Lovely movie. I think this is made better than the latter years of shoujo manga live action
Honey & Clover ~ Like the drama better, actually, but the movie is a good summary :)
Sakuran ~ Love this movie for the vivid color used. Didn't even know that it's Ninagawa Mika's work at that time.
Nodame ~ Well, they just complete the whole franchise with a movie, basically. You just have to watch the movie if you already got hooked with the drama :p.
Nana - Love the manga (is it even still running?) The first one is great, the second one, not as good as the first one but I still enjoy it.
Paradise Kiss - Basically I love Yazawa Ai's manga (Nana, ParaKiss, Gekinjo Monogatari). Though the costumes are great and they really did do the blue dress, this live action is awkward. I feel Mukai Osamu is the lead because he's the IT guy at the time. Not to my liking.
Bokura ga Ita - Call me bias but this is one of the shoujo manga live action which is actually done well. They did a smart thing splitting it into 2 movies instead of cramping it all into one. A side note, Ikuta Toma playing high school chap is pushing the limit of youth LOL
Kimi ni Todoke - This one is adorable, really. Love Tabe Mikako & Miura Haruma on this. One of the live action that I'd recommend to even non J-movie fans.
Koukou Debut - The girl is cute but the guy... hmmm....
Kyo, Koi wo Hajimemasu - Not bad but they don't keep till the ending and just have the movie ends in the middle of the manga. Recommend the manga, hands down! PS: Matsuzaka Tori in high school getup is pushing it though!
Sukitte Ii Na Yo - I like the manga but when this one becomes a movie, it's a little bit lacking, probably because there's just so many things to be captured to be at least faithful to the manga (well, there're tons of things inside) and also maybe because I've read the manga first before I watched the movie. But if you're after the dreamy live shoujo manga lead aka Fukushi Sota, this is it!
LDK - One of the boring ones, really boring, I couldn't even finish the movie T__T.
Hot Road - this could be a drama. The movie just cut short lots things and just keep the main plot and the turning point so at least we don't get lost. But they manage to keep the emotion and it's presented quite nicely that I end up enjoying the movie.
Oouku - This is more of a josei than a shoujo manga. The first installment is only the 1st chapter of the manga! Which is good because I love the 2nd chapter the most and they did it in drama format! The 3rd chapter is in movie again and I love it better than the 1st, probably because there're more emo in it XD.
Hotaru no Hikari ~ They have 2 seasons of wonderful drama and they stretched the franchise to a movie. I like it because I'm a fan, but if I'm not a fan, probably I'll be confuse and end up not liking it. A tad sad for such a great material. I wish I have my own buchou at home LOL.
Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru ~ another one of the much better ones done. Probably because of Sato Takeru's acting and his chemistry with Sakurako Ohara is damn cute. The manga is better btw, more juicy parts which are left out as an attempt to make it G rated and the need to cramp things into a 2 hours movie.
Kinkyori Renai ~ Quite enjoyable, they change bits here and there for the movie and it'd be even better if... Yamapi put a flirty front (yeah, I'll keep on repeating this bit LOL).

Put a cut because I added on the trailers... )

And I still wonder how come Japan never do MARS and Skip Beat! live action!
So, what are the shoujo manga live action that you're raving about and the ones go to the meh bucket?

Maybe I'll do the shounen version next time too as there're also tons of them!
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Finally get to watch this movie, after all the wait. After watching it, I seriously can imagine how fangirls can go kyaa kyaa watching this, heck, even I went kya on some scenes too (thank God, I watch this at home). I find that the movie is very text book in delivering what are required of Shoujo manga live action, which are ikemen lead, kawai girl lead, munekyun scene, kabedon scene, and lastly beautiful kisu scene.

Thank goodness, this is the only kabedon scene in the movie.

Thoughts and caps... )

This is NOT real! Have you ever seen a teacher this good looking???? Gah, only in drama LOL.
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yes, I'm still alive. Surviving in the Kangaroo land. So far living here is a good change. The food is good, The walk is good (and I wish I can do more walks). But, the internet SUCKS, especially in my apartment. I was told that I have to pay Telstra 299$ just to get my internet set up? Why? What's that for? Ripping off customer? WTF!!!

With this complication... I haven't been watching ANYTHING after Nov 20th T__T.... and I kinda miss my old routine. It's so safe and comforting... Maybe at the same time it's telling me there's more things to explore outside the AnShi, TSD, AM, VSA, and all the drama (I want to catch up on Tamaki's drama!!!).

Oh, I managed to catch 1 movie of the Japanese Film Festival (annual here, while in SG, they'll randomly pop up every month). I watched the Japanese version of Love Actually, Subete wa Kimi ni Aetakara (It All Began when I Met You), and they even have the wiki here. It's a lovely Christmas movie. I hope Debikuro-kun gives the same vibe as this and I'll cross my finger for a year that Debikuro-kun will be included in next year's Japanese Film Festival!

Is the movie good? Off course my main reason to watch this movie is for Tamaki Hiroshi. He's damn gorgeous here! Really, I love how they dressed him up in suits (very fitting and pretty) and coats throughout the movie and his character actually creates lots of awkward moments and beneath this pretty and cool CEO, he's quite dorky.So, where's not to love there.

Unforetunately Tamaki's screen time is not that many in this movie (same like in KyouKaisha, damn you Tamaki!) but the rest of the stories are so lovely and the father and son really tearing me up towards the end T__T. I wonder why I didn't see any download for this movie. Such a lovely movie!

I hope I can find a better internet deal for my home here... until then... no Arashi T__T
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Lupin the Third

Watched this after work as my reward considering I've spent this week without watching any Arashi *gasp, how did I survive the week?*. Interestingly, though quite big as an anime in Japan, it didn't do as well as Kenshin, and you'd understand why when you watch it. I don't consider this as a total flop because there're some good and cool stuff in it, but unfortunately, there're lots of bumps in it as well.
Why oh why, you'd wonder? )

So, I was right when I say I watch Lupin because of Oguri. He really saves this movie from being in chaos. This movie has an A+ for effort, but it fails in recognizing things that fans would want to see. Afterall such life action movie is targetted first to fans then to general public, right? Which is again, why Kenshin is so successful.

If Lupin gets another movie, I want to have Lupin vs Detective Conan and with Shun Oguri with double cast. After all, Shun Oguri is Conan way before he's Lupin LOL.

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I watched this on yesterday, first day of SG premiere because this time I have a partner in crime LOL. For the past 2 months, it seems to me that Sato Takeru is everywhere, I've seen him in SDK, VS Arashi, and another SDK within short period of time promoting different things and just last week I started watching Kano Uso, and his spring drama Bitter Blood (a good drama! too) just ended. On top of all these, few weeks ago there's a news that he's going to be in the new 2015 movie, Bakuman. Damn he's so productive these 2 years. So, with all Sato Takeru lurking around my TV screen that often, the excitement for this movie has built up, hence the hype for me. I actually only managed to finish half of the OVA of Kyoto Arc, which translate to about a little bit over half of the movie. But fret not, you actually don't need to know the anime storyline beforehand to watch this movie. You just need to watch, and enjoy the movie, that's what this movie can promise you. So, again, what's with all the hype?

Read more... )

So the verdict: Must watch! And it's better than the first movie (a sign of a good franchise)!
Not convince enough? The trailer would tickle you to go to the website and book your tickets :)

So just like one of the girls in the theater say after the movie ended ' OMG I have to wait until October?' Yes, OMG, more than 1 month to go to October 9 for the second part; Rurouni Kenshin ~ Densetsu no Saigo Hen
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Soon, we'll have all the shoujo manga imaginable turned into live action at the rate they're going now. Almost all manga that I have read or am currently reading have been turned into live action, either in form of a movie or a drama, and this is one of them. The question will be when they convert the current running manga, what will they do with the ending? Some screwed it up, some took the safe route aka ending of neither here nor there, some just followed the series faithfully and hope for the sequel, but every now and then there're who placed the bet and took the risk. Should I say this movie is the last one? Not really, and I don't think there'll be a life action who dare to totally take the challenge with the ending. However, Kanojo Uso Aishisugiteru does their best to interpret what the ending should be, which is acceptable to my book.

Again and again, the downside of having a serial manga turned into a 2 hours movie is that they have to skip lots of details, and often it end up with different portrayal compared to original. You'll feel slightly that aspect if you've read a glimpse of the manga then watch the movie. A lot of things were toned down in the movie, for example, Mari's bitchiness towards Riko, or Aki's digging his own grave by keep on lying, and off course one won't know the reason why Aki ghost write the song for Mari unless you read the manga.

But what makes me feel for the movie is Sato Takeru's portrayal of Aki. He gives lots of humanity to Aki, well, apart from being kakkoii and all. Aki is less of a douche bag in the movie but we still see how he digged his own grave by lying here and there and remedy is a lot harder than prevention, but hey, it's drama, right?

Quick highlights of the movie for me:

The closeness here gives you feel. XD

The lighting here is nice, and again, Aki's expression gives you 'see, this is what happens if you're not honest, at least tell your name properly!' :)

And off course, the angst! What's the point of having Sato Takeru here if we don't have the angst!

And lastly, the beautiful kissing scene! This movie did a fantastic job on it. Especially on the 2nd cap, look at how Aki's finger wrapped over Riko's head, it's the little details that makes the scene so romantic. <3

I'd prefer that the producers wait until the manga ends before they convert it to life action but guess can't be helped if they want to ride on the manga's success. I mean, score it while it's still hot?

So, what's next? 
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Yes, finally I managed to watch Harlock with subbed, not dubbed. Make sure to check whether it's dubbed or not before you purchase the tickets. But even if it's subbed, you'll find that the sub actually follows the English dub, which change all the names and that's quite annoying.

Like any other reviews out there, the movie is seriously visually attractive, you cannot expect less from Japanese to make such detailed constructed animation, be it 2D or 3D, whatever, your eyes are entertained and happy!

But, sadly the reviews stopped there, why? Because none of them really understand the story, and honestly, neither do I. Well, roughly you can understand the general story line, which is precisely what the trailer gives you. I find that this movie is made specially for the fans. Yes, they don't really care about general public, and just give things enough for general public to grasp, which is, well, the visual..

Then? What else to watch then? Well, if you pay enough attention, they made Harlock's & Yama's face actually similar to Oguri's & Haruma's. And I like the way all the casts voice over the movie, even the story is rather confusing (jumpy as any other complicated anime squeezed into a 2 hours movie), we still can catch the emotion part of the characters and the visual also shows it from the character's face expression.

Well, enjoy the trailer... see? Yama does look like Haruma, yes?
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Hidamari no Kanojo

So, today I went to see Hidamari no Kanojo, the much buzzed and glorified Matsujun movie (well, from the mass amount of promotion they did in Japan *over promotion as usual*). Unlike the origin country, there's almost zero buzz in Singapore on this movie, except for the very undeserving movie review that I came across on Strait Times. The review makes me think whether the person actually did watch the movie or just write what he (or a very sour she) thought of the movie based on Hanadan stereotype and just slap in the rating and worse, got paid for it. Anyway, I once again made a mental note to not to read movie reviews on newspaper. It almost equals to those short comments of 'OMG, he's hot!', 'Kakkoii!!!' comments on youtube clips or on YesAsia or CDJapan reviews (yes, you know what I mean), only longer. Surprisingly, although majority of the audience are Arashi fangirls (including me) and Japanese families, there were also male audiences. I'm not so sure whether they're actually really interested on the movie or being conned or dragged by their girlfriends, but I do hope after they watched it, it'll be the first.
Promise, NO SPOILERS... )
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Platina Data

Finally I get to watch Platina Data! On the time slot when I watch this, lots of the seats are of fangirls, as expected. There're some guys as well, but most probably they're dragged by their girlfriends/spouses, so fangirls would still make majority of the audience. However, there are non fangirls as well watching this movie as it's promoted as a movie based on Higashino Keigo's novel under the same title in here.

In a gist, Platina Data starts with Asama getting on a case of serial killer with kids wrapped in plastic wraps as victims. Asama then being led to a conference where he saw Kagura for the first time (as well we the first squeel) as Kagura demonstrated how the DNA systems that he designed did the profiling for the serial killer by using DNA found at the crime scene. True enough, they catch the right guy. However, Asama seems to be still not convinced by the DNA system, whereas to Kagura, DNA decides everything that made up of a human. Not long after this, there're murders of a genius mathematician, Saki Tateshina and her brother, which is suspected to be linked to the other 3 previous murder cases as all have the same signature, one of their ribs being extracted (gross, yeah, I know, I cringed at these scenes). Asama sensed something wrong with Kagura, as Kagura was seen to be the last person visited Tateshina and he also was absent during prelim investigation. Meanwhile, Kagura quickly analyzed the DNA found in the crime scene and soon found out that he's the one killing Tateshina. How could this be? What will happen to the DNA system that he's designed if the designer killed the system's programmer?

For those who've read the novel, they'll note missing details. I'd love an English translated novel of this because it's really a pain for me to translate 2 chapters and there're still so many chapters to go. But that doesn't mean that you won't enjoy the movie. I'd think this is one of the good points from this movie. They know that the story is complicated and there are lots of things going on at the same time, so they don't dive on the scientific whatever details, but focus more on what the audiences want to see, the chase, who's the bad guy, who's the good guy, and so on. Hence, I find that the movie is much easier to digest than expected. I also love the setting of this movie. The details in the DNA lab scenes are convincing and the setting doesn't look cheap.
If you don't like spoilers... though... am sure you've read it somewhere already... )

So, if Platina Data is screened in theater near you, do check it out because overall it's an enjoyable movie and it's certainly get your brain working digesting all the info thrown at you because the thing with mystery movie, there're lots of details, tons...
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Am back from Melbourne aka fridge and now back in SG (sauna... damn it's hot here!!! T__T). So, before I start to complain about the heat again, I better get back to the reason why I write this in the first place... Yes, I used to dread the long haul flights... until I took Emirates... Why? Simple, because it has J-movies... so, me being greedy sacrifice my sleep just to watch those that I've been itching to watch. Hence, while there're tons of spam out there on Endless Game (me catching up on 1 week of Arashi), allow me to add on something different LOL:

Strawberry Night MovieStrawberry Night Movie ~ I totally sacrificed my sleep for this movie LOL. How to resist when you see it with subs LOL... and I even repeat watching it on the flight back... The story? Off course it's Strawberry Night drama quality with more action aka violence and graphics scenes but this movie adds on some seasoning for us... Kikuta has competition! As much as I love Kikuta.... if the rival is Makita (from drama Jin), whom I totally didn't recognize until I wiki because he's wearing a freaking suit as oppose to yukata and he looks so hot that I couldn't care less if he's a yakuza and just wish him to sweep Himekawa off her feet, I'm on Makita's team (sorry Kikuta). So, with Himekawa's attraction to Makita and Kikuta having his chance slips within his fingers and the face off between Kikuta and Makita (I love this scene btw, Kikuta barged in with confident into Makita's office but unfortunately Makita's confidence is higher, bigger, and much darker and you just have to watch it), yeah, finally, a drama! in a drama!

kyou koi wo hajimemasuKyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu ~ I love the manga, and I still love the manga better after watching this movie. Why? Because manga is longer, more detail and more drama, in which always the case when a manga is converted into a 2 hours movie. But the good thing is that I don't find Takei Emi's voice annoying here. So, the movie is more like the express way of the manga of 15 volume! Plot is compressed, fast, not much details as long as audiences get the point. Acting? I don't see anybody particularly outstanding, and I'd think the main target audience is the manga fans, and suckers for a high school romance movies. Do watch this movie for its light theme and all the cute high school fashions.

PS: I think the guy is too old to be a high shool kid but I like him in Take FIVE as the flirty hate to lose thief!

Ooku EienOoku ~ Eien ~ And I thought this movie is straight continuation of the drama because Sakai Masato is also staring the movie. But I was way wrong. He's depicting different character for the movie as Emonnosuke, not Arikoto. It's true in the manga that Emonnosuke looks like Arikoto, hence the casting, so I don't have any complaints there. Out of all the Ooku franchise so far, I still love the drama better, just because the drama has the part of the manga that I love the most. This movie has the part of the manga that I dread to read the most because I feel so terribly sorry for the shogun, Tsunayoshi. The way Ooku and even his father perceive her as the tool to conceive an heir is just so sad. A proud shogun is reduced to feel like a whore everyday bedding men just so that she can conceive an heir, is just sad and beyond me. I'd need to re-read the manga to check whether the ending is the same as the manga though, but from memory there're some changes in this movie compared to manga. Acting? I love Arikoto's depiction the best, but Sakai's depiction of Emonnosuke is also quite spot on. Both have the same face but as in manga, both character have totally different personality. What I see being omitted in this movie is how Tsunayoshi swooned over Arikoto hence me being confused at the beginning of the movie. Kanno Miho's Tsunayoshi is quite endearing to me. To see the sad character of shogun Tsunayoshi live is heartbreaking yet there's still strength in her, somehow.

tenchi meisatsuTenchi Meisatsu ~ Who would skip Okada's movie? Definitely not me and especially you really need to have subs for this one XD. The story may be boring for people who don't like history drama, samurai drama and especially drama about astronomy and historical calendering system. But if you're suckers for Okada like me, you'll watch this movie. In this movie you'll root for Okada's character (if you don't know the history), as in for him to perfect the calendaring system and overcome aka shut up those imperial court's bastards (they're really bastards in this movie, except one).
Off course for Kanjani8 fans, you'll watch this movie too, though Yoko only have his scenes by minutes duration only.
Overall, it's quite a heavy movie actually, lots of angst, lots of brain work too, so if you're looking for something light, definitely not this movie XD.

And tomorrow... Platina Data, YEAH!
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Hitting 2 stones at one go... so I'm doing screencap to introduce Pikanchi movie to my non Arashi fan friend and to celebrate Sho-chan's birthday, only that I chose the wrong Pikanchi movie (should be Pikanchi double where the focus is on Chu), but oh well, too late, I already made all the pretties anyway!!!

I think Pikanchi series are Arashi best movies. Both movies have all the elements, funnies, angst, craziness and greater message. Pikanchi has the essense of the uncertainties and whatever qualms as well as mischievousness that any boys possibly experience during their teen days. From first picking up girls (randomly), study for university exam (for the all wrong reason in this movie), first date, watching porn in secret etc etc and the movie just explodes any of these types of events with the hilarity. Story wise, for non Arashi fan, the story may look so simple as it only revolve around the Yasuo, Shinagawa neighborhood where these 5 dorky teenagers live. 

I like all the members' acting here, each character has presence and sort of compliment each other. Though all the dorky and hilarity take most of the spotlight in the movie, let's not forget that this movie works because of the chemistry that these 5 boys have. 

So, without further ado, meet the 5 dorky best friends!
Haru (the awkward gullible boy), Bon (the rich dude)

Takuma (the leader), Chu (the outlaw)

vlcsnap-00324and the normal boy in the story (self proclaimed), Shun, and see the red shirt dude ? He's Shun's dad and he likes to share his son's story to... the whole neighborhood through the neighborhood radio LOL...


and their story begin with Harajukku pilgrimage ... )

And happy birthday Sho-chan! ... hope we get to see Pikanchi Tripple!!!!


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