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Fantastic Epi 14

I forgot where I left off for this drama, but since harem drama was not aired today (in real life, baseball game takes precedence over the love story of Wang So & Hae Soo), I just randomly click the latest episode... and I didn't miss a thing.
The main couple in this drama is not my OTP, and at the beginning episodes, I skipped a lot. The male lead was rather annoying, the female lead was very emo and kept ding dong-ing over her decisions. The 2nd lead doctor was too perfect to be true (and yes, in this episode, it explains why he's described to be so perfect, am sure they did some snippets here and there in the previous episodes as we saw flashbacks of him). I do get and kind of pity the female lead though. She's fighting her cancer, yet this ex boyfriend of her is pestering her, and on top of that, her work has its own challanges, and in drama logic, any evil characters must be connected at some manners to the good characters. And in this drama, there's no further depth in the evil characters, they're just self centered, self entitled, rude and despicale people, period. I was so glad that finally Baek Seol (my fave female character here) finally stands up to herself (you go girl!). I do hope my OTP ship sails though I'll be fine if it's not either due to their circumstances.

If I were to go back to watch the prior episodes, it'll be solely for the OTP LOL.

Career Epi 1

Finally! Tamaki's new drama. But I'd guess this will be like any typical lighter police drama but less lighter than Bitter Blood. I'd hope for more angst and darker past, but probably will wait for more episode for some of the mysteries to be revealed eg. what's the relationship of the past Chief with Toyama and Minami and what makes Minami to be so annoying as he's now. The first case itself is not that wow-ing, it makes me feel that j-dorama is running out of ideas for their police drama either. Fuji-TV, I think you can do better. There're so many good lighter police drama already, so it kind of hard when you have to compete with the likes of Bitter Blood or BOSS, and even tougher when you go down the darker side eg. Unfair or Strawberry Night. And, if I don't see Chief Toyama start shedding his 'trying too hard to be friendly and lowkey' attitude and actually kick some actual ass (I don't need the actual kick ass because Tamaki just need to slay people with words and I'll be watching), I can see myself dropping this drama.
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While I don't always watch historical drama, I realize that I do have some share of both Taiga and Saeguk (more saeguk though). Though both are featuring historical figures, the approach taken by both Taiga and Saeguk are very different, which makes it very interesting.

Taiga drama <3 )

Saeguk drama <3 )Now the fun stuff )

My list of saeguk drama: Dae Jang Geum, Dong Yi, Jung Yi, Hwang Jin Yi, Empress Ki
Contemporer saeguk drama: Hong Gil Dong, Iljimae, Arang & Magistrate, Joseon Gunman, Scholar who Walks The Night, Queen Inhyeon's Man, Warrior Baek Dong Soo, The Legend, and the current harem drama.
... HELL, I watched a lot of historical stuff, never really thought about it until now... Thanks to the harem drama.

Ah, and we still have weekend for Monday to come... no matter heartbreaking it'll be... sigh....
Nevertheless, history is fascinating and maybe I should pick up Shinsengumi (another history portion that I'm interested in).
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After a long draught, finally Fall 2016 is here. Most of the time, I have faith in Fall season dorama, so this time I put my faith that doramaland maintains this assumption. So a few that I will try to watch:

Kyoaku wa Nemurasenai SP ~ I watch anything with Tamaki, whether I'll like it and keep on watching it will be another question.
Career ~ Yes, I'll watch anything with Tamaki. Why he's not doing romcom is beyond me. I miss the smoldering Tamaki!!!
Jimi ni Sugoi ~ took a glimpse of Epi 1, it looks decent though I couldn't say that I like Ishihara Satomi's character, but I'll still watch it for her. However, if it gets boring, then I'll drop it.

I'm not sure whether I want to watch Koe Koi (it'll be a binge watching).

To be honest, I really miss the old time of J-dorama where I was so overwhelmed on which drama I should watch. The current selection is meh to be honest. They should just do another season of Legal High and I'll watch it without any thoughts, and I thought there'll be another season of Dr X (this is the only drama which I kept on watching and has been consistent in delivery)?

I wonder why TV Asahi doesn't turn Jiken Kyumeii ~ Imat no Kiseki into a drama. It already has 2 SP and I like both of them, full of suspense and twist at the end, and I'd prefer Tamaki in dark role compared to the cheery one.

On second thought, maybe I should just rewatch Love Shuffle or PRIDE (again???!!??)
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I dunno, I find Dean is still not right as Hokuto. He doesn't have that arrogant sleek rich bastard look. He's cute but he doesn't look badass, the menacing look for revenge is not there. And, drama, guess you're gonna skip A LOT on what's on manga huh? Why Chiwa is not an OL and you make Hokuto working for a consulting company, not a direct Mamiya company? Is it so that you can skip the boss-staff relationship? Then, what's with meeting the whole family so quickly on ep 2? That should only happened when the relationship between Hokuto and Chiwa is strengthened and definitely not the very beginning. I'll be judging you if you make Hokuto and Chiwa fight after the family meeting. And looking at Shinoda Mariko as Shitara, are you planning to bring forward the love triangle? This love triangle thing should be only a speck out of the whole thing, which is why I love the manga. The manga emphasize Hokuto and Chiwa interaction, there's not much a third party intervention though Chiwa actually has lots of fans, which Hokuto only recognized later on. And I guess we can kiss all those bed scenes goodbye then... sigh... so much for a live action, ha! I literally have 0 expectation on that area after this 1st episode LOL.

You're too cute... too cute...

I think it's an OK start and will be an OK mediocore drama at the end for those who never read the manga or read the manga but only expect certain points for live action. I need to see how the leads do the cat fight scenes because that's what makes the manga enjoyable, the annoyance, the fight, and the make up sex afterwards... LOL
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Another nice episode, less talking more moving around this time.

So, Eikura Nana used her skill from Okada sensei? Cool move she did in this episode.

Still as creepy as ever, but...

Wait, Miyama and Sada sensei... both of them are too similar... this is going to be a good combi!
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We heard this too many times. 'I love k-drama, it's the best', 'No, J-dorama is the best' and then it'll lead to another catfight, too often seen on Youtube comments for compilation clips (yeah you know which ones). Recently I've been doing lots of k-drama catch up marathon due to travelling, the super slow dorama season (I'd prefer to have sub for police and medical dramas for me not to work my brain watching them) plus also due to years of not watching k-drama, and really, after watching so many J-dorama, going back to k-drama lets me see k-drama at a different angle, well, more of a different mindset. There are many areas that we can look into when we're talking about drama, in this case particularly is the K and the J. My criteria of watching K-drama is the same as J-dorama, prettiness is a must and no melodrama (I just can't watch this type of K-drama as it affects my emotion), the rest is sort of tolarable to some certain level. I may end up spouting lots of stuffs which are common sense and obvious or even completely different take from common opinions, and be warned, this will be a loooong reading.

If you see my comparison on K-drama later, it's mostly Lee Jun Ki or Jang Geun Suk's drama, that's because I'm running through their resume for the past couple of weeks. Tried Kim Bum's resume but gave up halfway. I can't remember the old ones in detail and I didn't really keep track on what I've watched in the past and I don't plan to rewatch any or going through more unless I developed an interest. As for J-drama, I'll throw in those which I remember on top of my head (not going to do extra researches) as this is supposed to be for fun, not an academic paper.

Let's start dissecting XD!!!
Who watch these dramas? )
Drama in the span of time )
The format & formula )
The characters )
The bad dudes )
Love is in the air )
Badassery scenes )
All those little things that you'll notice )
The remakes )
So? Conclusion? )
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Am quite satisfied with Epi 1! It'll be another very wordy drama, lots of analysis and deduction, and very detailed at that as well. But what I'm more happy to see is that Matsujun confidence level is there and not being overshadowed by Kagawa Teruyuki. I was a bit worried about it but I'm quite happy to see the synergy in this episode.

I like this shot :) It gives you a good feels after this first episode

Matsujun character is very cheeky in here. I like how he annoys his colleagues with that straight face.

Eikura Nana will forever wearing flats whenever she acts with Arashi... sigh...
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Seems ages and finally arama got the list for Spring 2016 drama out here. I like the posting structure as it's just a scroll down format, who's in it and what's the story. I think this is just me but my interest in J-drama moves towards either police or anything besides romance related, except one or two. Found that Spring 2016 is a rather slow season. Tried Love Song, I couldn't even last for more than half episode. My list of this season is:
Sekai Ichi Muzukashii Koi ~ obligatory watching
99.9 ~ it's Matsujun, regardless how awful the hair is, it's Matsujun
Yutori desu ga nani ka ~ the premise is interesting, I hope they tackle lots of generation gap issues here
DIAS police ~ same reason as Yutori, I hope it's not that complicated so I can watch without waiting for the subs
Good Partner - Mutekina bengoshi ~ is this season the season for lawyer drama? Hope this one is worth the watch though.

Not so sure list:
Omukae desu ~ at least Fukushi Shota is not in some shoujo manga live action (or his era has passed and handed over to Yamazaki Kentaro?)
Watashi kekkon dekinai janakute, shinain desu ~ as much as I like Fujiki, I'm very skeptical with this kind of drama nowadays

And it's likely that I'll wait until a few episodes are up than watching it week by week... somehow I become an empty shell when I got home from work...
Meanwhile, I've been marathoning some k-dramas (basically running through some pretties' resume for the good or bad), hope I can write something about it as it's quite interesting watching k-drama now after watching so many j-drama :)
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This drama turns around very quick and smooth... I've been wondering why the turning point has not appeared yet and the drama answered me in this episode... I like how Michiko deals with her feelings here, no hesitation, unlike the usual damsel in distress with lots of doubts and hence dragging...

Sagi-JYANAKU rice, yokatta na Michiko?

*spoilers* )
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Oh for the fun of it. Because it's so fun watching Shunin & Michiko bickering...
Here's the thing, which person you'd rather be with, the person who you always try to impress OR the person who you could basically talk about EVERYTHING and know all your bad and good points? I guess the answer is quite obvious, well, drama makes it oh so obvious :p.

*spoiler* )
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I almost dropped this drama because episode 1 is just pissed me off. The girl is overly naive plus stupid and it seriously made me boil, especially she's on the 30s range of age. However I decided to continue watching this because *cough* Miura Shohei, and unfortunately in here he's again the pretty face who will not get the girl (when we're going to get a drama when this cutie actually gets the girl? LOL). Episode 2 is much better, the girl's character starts to change for the better still overly naive but less stupid, thanks to Shunin's nagging. Now, the Shunin here is also another peculiar character. Basically he's a nice dude with sort of foul mouth (only to Michiko though) but he cannot let anything stray (being animals or humans) alone, plus a dash of tsundere. So, I guess, that's why these 2 kind of match each other, and I like the chemistry in this drama, not awkward :).

Shunin is from Showa era too. I don't care if it's considered sexist or what shit, it's kakkoii if done right :p.

These 2 are easy to watch LOL...

Bonus, we have Shunin speaking proper English, plus Mandarin, nice! Something rare in J-dramaland LOL. Plus Shunin seems to have so many licenses out there from cooking to crane. As Michiko repeatedly said 'Shunintte nanimono nanda?' HA!

A brooding Shunin... kakkoii na...


Nov. 14th, 2015 08:39 am
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I'm rewatching the whole SP franchise because I need some dose of Okada kicking ass, and Library Wars franchise is not that long (1 movie and 1 SP is just too short to be honest haha). But as I watch through SP, it reminds me again why I like SP, and why I started to watch more Okada's works afterwards (I'm a V6 fan but the failed one LOL). SP is one of those drama which is packed with actions (watch Okada kick ass jumping over rows of cars, tables, anything, to catch the bad guy), twisted conspiracy plot (I still remember the twisted feels I felt at the end of the series), and Okada double personality. No, it's not that psychological double personality like what Nino's role was in Platina Data, it's the goofy one off-duty - asking for people to introduce him to girls, and the bad ass one on-duty, plus off courst the major angst towards the climax.

You know, I almost bought that SP pin and t-shirt when I was at FujiTV a few years ago because well, the logo is cool right? SP = security police as in drama. But NOT when you're in Singapore. SP is short for Singapore Polytechnic there and the school kid has school t-shirt with the almost too similar logo with this SP logo LOL.

And I do need to mention that Maki Yoko as the female SP kicked major ass here! And her blunt personality is a delight to watch as well haha. Screencap here because... look at those lean muscles. Drama really know how to tickle fans.

A dash of a humour in the midst of a serious drama, and as you see the caps, I like this combi!

Did I mention the cool operning OST? It's one of the coolest sequence songs for V6 concert. I was fortunate to be able to see that very SP & Break the Wall sequence in both V6 concerts that I attended. And the ending OST of V6's Way of Life sapped through you at the end of every episode to remind you that there's something deeper in this drama (angst, angst, angst!).
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Honestly, I thought of dropping this drama because... how many times we've seen Ryo-chan in samurai get-up? And time slip to boot! Remember Chonmage Purin? He does look good for a samurai, but he's definitely not at Okada Junichi level, unfortunately. But I'm curious on Kamiki Ryunozuke in this drama, so I decided to give it a try. First episode is rather boring because it's just Takechi sulking about his situation and not happy with the modern Japan's people does not really carry the same 'value' as him (traditional samurai value). But 2nd episode gets interesting because...

Ah, it's Soujiro! with umbrella this time.

Well, he looks cool with it.

Things picked up after this episode, it's more lively and entertaining... so far... a very light watch, and I'm still warry that Kamiki will swallow Ryo-chan because his Sakamoto Ryoma character is very fluid as in his portrayal really reminds me of Fukuyama's in Ryomaden from the over the top gesture, wits, curiousity and thirst of knowledge, which is his too-well assimilation to the Heisei era makes so much sense (the use of chou-..., ....-ssu, which is actually how youngsters talk, not the older generation, and definitely not samurai language). Since this is not the first time Ryo-chan does a samurai role, the only thing I notice is that he's more firm in his samurai conduct compared to previous role. Maybe it's because in here he's portraying Takechi Hanpeita? Not sure. But light entertainment... is always needed to weed out any stress.
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I kind of lost track on whether this drama is following the manga or not because there're too many filler characters here. Ishihara Satomi's chemistry with Yamapi is quite good, actually. I like it. It's either Yamapi's getting better (though the eyes is still need a lot of work, but somehow in this drama, it works), or Ishihara's playing match with Yamapi. Whatever that is, it works. And they keep the cycle of Hoshikawa admitting his perverted/stalkish behavior out of nowhere, Junko getting pissed, then something bad happens in Junko's life, the monk comes to the rescue, and we back to beginning.

In this episode, we have Jimmy Choo to the rescue! What makes an item that be seen so materialistic to be romantic? We have Yamapi replacing your own heels with this one, gently.. oh drama LOL...

Obligatory pretty scene!

This scene is really beautiful! Love it!
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I watched Burnt because, well, everybody was raving on the food porn, which was really a food porn. Maybe it's just me, but the way Western portrays food looks flat to me. It's like you're looking at the glossy magazine pictures, only it's moving, because it's a movie. The food, though beautiful, it looks cold to me, and that saddens me. Maybe I'm just so used to watching SMAPxSMAP or other Japanese varieties whereby they shoot food when they're still puffing hot and with the soft lighting that it doesn't look 'cold,' and I'm always left feeling hungry (if I watch the show empty stomach) afterwards. So, really, maybe it's just me. And to heal myself, I'm digging back my food themed drama stash because Japan has tons of them, and I'm sure I only watched a fraction of it as I always keep my other requirement for my drama watching, everything must look pretty, not just the food.

It's puffing hot and appetizing... yum!
And here's the fraction of those drama... )

I think it's just the matter of preference what kind of presentation style that you like, for me, it just happens that I find the way J-drama presents the food and the story is more compelling :).

PS: I didn't include Kodoku no Gurume because I've never watched it and it's on season 5 already!
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I'm glad I tried out this drama. I get to see the healthier version of Matsuzaka Tori, compared to the fragile looking him couple months ago.
The drama itself is full of a lot of things. They pack it with dash of romance, the protagonists are dating, the serial killer is psycho, the boss is slappable, Kitayama is as hateful as ever (and I can easily hate him LOL). So, I wonder whether this couple will survive, considering the personality is quite the opposite. The dude is suspecting & analytical, the girl is positive and doesn't think the bad in people.

Not bad FujiTV...

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It's the time of the year again. Fall has started and I honestly haven't even finished lots of the drama from the Summer season. Instead I've been rampaging some old & dark Kimutaku drama in the last few weeks because I know if I keep on trying to finish this summer batch without distraction, I don't think I'll even be able to finish them. This should say something about the drama themselves. Lots of them are so so, if not mediocore, which is not a problem if you're just want something to waste your time on eg. if you literally have nothing to do on the weekend or you just cannot sleep at night. There're one or 2 that I like but that's about it.
With that in mind, I'll divide the dramas into several buckets based on how I watch the drama. Do bear in mind that my category of drama watching is quite shallow but at the very least it has to be not totally boring or lazy, and has some sort level of acting (no point if you have the ikemen there but he's making you start nitpicking on him on the drama instead of actually enjoying the drama itself).
So, let's start )
Now, for my fall season list (the whole list is at Amara):
5 Ji Kara 9 Ji Made ~ At first I thought this will be the case of Ishihara Satomi eats Yamapi alive, but after 1st episode, I gotta give it to Ishihara Satomi to not outshine Yamapi, or is it that Yamapi has improved? I'm not sure about the latter though LOL, anyway, 1st episode looks promising
Angel Heart ~ From a hotel concierge, we have Miura Shohei as an assasin here, but he's not the main. This drama is part of the City Hunter franchise, and frankly I like Kamikawa Takaya as Ryo Saeba (the melancholy City Hunter, not the perverted comedic one) in this drama.
Gisou no Fuufu ~ Fake marriage is one of the almost cliche drama theme, but I like the premise set for this drama, the lady has fake personality, the dude is gay, so we can expect more drama here.
Mutsu ~ well, it's Nishijima-san's drama, and they throw in Ito Hideaki too, so.... I'm sold :p
Toshokan Sensou SP ~ I'll watch anything related to Library Wars... period.
Otona Joshi ~ Not sure whether the drama will end up as boring, but for all the pretties (Shinohara Ryoko's hair is so damn nice here).
Kinkyuu Torishirabeshitsu SP ~ the side story of the drama.
Kyouhansha SP ~ waiting for the subs... it's quite dark, so preparing my heart for it and I don't feel like watching it more than 1 time.
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Ahhh, thank you Nishijima-san! You got me back to following new drama after the lost appetite of Summer season drama that NONE of them I've finished yet, NONE! This time is a not so dark drama, on a doctor who somehow could diagnoze people just by looking at their appearance in great detail plus identifying some criminals using the same skill (enhanced mode). Look forward to the next epidose, curious on what that female blond patient, the creepy bald janitor and the successful hospital surgeon are connected to. Definitely something to do with the family massacare at the beginning.

The last time I saw this kind of intense look is during MOZU, it's been awhile ne!
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It took me so long and I still haven't even gotten to the unfinished Winter season bucket and so another batch on unfinished drama this season too. Regardless, I'm quite happy with the Spring drama, there are drama that keeps me on the edges every week, drama that are just at the right phase for me to pick up, drama that are just simply beautiful and pretty to watch. Quite a diverse variety this time, and for once, no police drama this season! Nevertheless, the drama I picked this season are in general, moderate to heavy theme drama. From historical drama to drama with tons of social issues... yeah pretty heavy, but yet, interesting to watch.

The Drama )

The SPs )

Summer List

Arama posted the complete list awhile ago. It's a very long list, but there're not a lot that caught my attention. My list is rather sporadic and I find my stress level plays a very important role this time too in picking what I want to watch. I won't deny that 99.9% of my list are picked out of a very shallow prettiness soft spot. I just need to see lots of prettiness after sinking into the sea of darkness during the day so that I can keep on going for tomorrow. The only one drama picked not because of prettiness is Risk no Kamisama.

Hotel Concierge ~ Miura Shohei, no other much reason for this drama. But I prefer this compared to Ghost Writer. It's light and just pretty with the hotel hospitality, Japanese way. Epi 1 review in here.
37.5°C no Namida ~ The theme is actually interesting by itself. It's about a service company who provides care for sick children who are not fit to go to healthcare for the day. They call the 37.5C as the borderline whereby kids have to be taken back home. This especially creates the burden to the parents, especially single working parents in Japan where work is number 1 priority in their lives and having to take time off to take care of your family is given a side eye. But take a quick look to the drama for a minute, don't you think that there're too many good looking single dads in this drama? Narimiya (gosh how long has it been since his last drama?), Mokomichi. Plus the very strict sachou, Fujiki (he's aged quite a lot here, but nevertheless, still one of my fave ikemen!).
Koinaka ~ Getsuku drama is back to the normal mode and surprisingly, no Johnny's? Interesting. We have Fukushi Sota as the lead now. Epi 1 review in here for all the prettiness.
Omotesando Koukou Gasshoubu! ~ Typical high school drama with the ganbaru spirit lead character. The theme this time is around chorus so we're here for the harmonious group of young song birds and their pretty hot teacher *cough*. It's about time Shirota Yuu gets a teacher role. He has enough share of being high school student in so many beloved drama (Hana Kimi, Rookies), and I hope he gets to sing here too.
Risk no Kamisama ~ The idea of risk management here is more focus on product recalls and scandals, rather than the prevention route of the actual risk management (there no drama in here and the drama will be very boring). We have one of my fave uncle actor, Tsutsumi Shinichi here as your God of Risk. Toda Erika was brilliant in Epi 1 and I really symphatize her eaten up by her ambition and the big bosses' politics. Having Morita in this drama is a big bonus (the last drama I saw him in was Lunch no Joou... 13 years ago? LOL)
Okasan, Ore wa Daijoubu ~ 24Hr TV drama SP, in a standard way. This is the perfect time to bawl your heart out and I like Yamada :p
Kokoro no Kagaku sha, Narumi Saku no Challenge II ~ I have faith in Yamapi when it's not a romance role. He shows improvement in Algernon.
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Getsuku dorama is back to the usual theme, rabu rabu! And off course with eye candy, double ikemen with the same name too! Oh dorama, you just love toying around with us, huh? First episode is basically giving us background and setting on what the drama would be and where all the drama would basically derive from. I'd think it's a good start and have a feeling that there're gonna be tons of angst in this drama. We already see the glimpse of it in Epi 2 preview.

Meet Aoi. Fukushi Sota's character here is a bit different (really A BIT, TINY THIN LAYER KINDA BIT) from his usual shoujo manga ikemen lead. In here, he's still kakkoii but more dorky and have zero confidence when it comes to Akari. He's just a typical 'boy' here, trying to have a panty peek (which he failed misserably), stealing a glance of the girl he likes. Again, zero confidence that therefore all the drama! You'd want to start smacking him to his senses since this very episode LOL.

Off course like any other dorama, we're blessed with:

Fan service! What a beautiful sight!

Pretty scenery because it's summer. How many times you've seen this in a dorama? Yeah... but you'd still enjoy the FEELS...

And speaking about feels, we have these too! Those scenes that would make you feel warm & fuzzy or screaming with angst.

From this scene we know already roughly what's gonna happen, ne? LOL, but what twist & turn that they're gonna pull for, this is the interesting bit.
And finally, this episode just screaming viva seishun! as this is the past that builds up the drama ahead. A good start and I hope the drama team uphold the storyline together!


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