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Time flies so fast and we're in the middle of 2013 now. My review gets more condense as times goes by too. From long detail review, to seasonal, quarterly and now semi annually. Well, we can always blame it to the work, stress level and too many things to watch. So, now, I've done my Arafes selection, caught up on some episodes, watched some old drama, lamented why NEWS didn't open their concert to international fans (again), I'm finally ready to list down what I've been watching for the past 6 months (excluding those old ones and varieties). So, we first will classify the drama by season as always, and then by which ones I love, managed to watch the whole thing, and off course, dumping bin.

Another EXTRAAAA LONG post... )
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It's the finale! Last episode of our pretty and cute doctor! A bit sad that it finally reach to the ends, but a drama must have an ending anyway... and we'll look forward to the next Aiba-chan drama haaaa....

So, I think lots of spoilers are out already by now. I only manage to do this today because of my work *sobs*...

So many things that the drama team put for an 1 hour final episode. We have lots of switching between current scenes and flashbacks. If you're not following 1 episode of this drama, I think you'll be lost... hence the rating... At the same time, so many feels I had when I watched this... ranging from anger, frustration, urge to smack pretty doctor's head, heart broken, sadness, anxious... all jumbled up. I really sympathize our pretty doctor but at the same time wonder how twisted his brain can go, and admire and flail over his prettiness. That's why, so many feels...

The drama is similar to Jodi Picoult's 'My sister's keeper,' in theme but with a totally different ending. I never read the book or watch the movie because I think it's not good for my heart. Hollywood makes the theme heartwarming and sort of happy ending, but when the same theme goes to Asia... J-drama twists it to become a medical suspense entertainment. I still need the subs though because I still don't get the relation between cute doctor and pretty doctor.

TONS of caps away because it's the FINALE, and we may not have any SP or what not because of the rating, though I still HOPE there'll be one because... come on... what kind of ending was that!!! The center is a LAST HOPE center who bring hope for the patient but NOT sacrificing the donor... T__T please let me be wrong...
And the ending... )


OK, maybe I'm hoping too much on drama team... but still????? T__T

It's still a good drama though, I had fun following, capping this drama! I hope after this, we'll see more improved and more mature image of Aiba-chan XD...

Next is Kazoku Game! But, I feel that this will be just an obligatory drama watching (unless the story is interesting like The Quiz Show 2). Not a fan of Sho-chan's drama to be honest, also I think Nazotoki is ridiculously over hyped. Even though, Sho-chan's acting is definitely better than Aiba-chan, but I find that lots of times it's too calculative, whereas Aiba-chan's just... try too hard LOL, w/o much of thoughts... But there are TONS of drama that I'm thinking to watch for Spring 2013, so many ikemens doing drama, so look forward to it!
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Time sure flies so fast and we're only 1 more episode to the full reveal! And after that no more pretty and cute doctors to entertain us... T__T *somehow I feel lonely muahahaha*... and most likely our pretty doctor will change his black hair as soon as the drama ends... more T__T. Though he'll rock any kinds of hair styles (given his track record), but I like his black hair A LOT this time hahaha...

Put that aside pretty doctor's hair... let's see... Epi 10 has the lowest rating so far, and I think I know why... It's not because it's a bad drama, seriously, if it's that bad, I won't be making caps for all episodes and look forward for the next epi every week. The fault in this drama is that I think the drama team forget about the audience this time. They're too engross with all the details, I mean, have you ever watch japanese drama in this detail? Even Dr. X was not this complicated and that's why Dr. X's rating was sky high! Starting from episode 6, you'll see more and more complicated medical terms and as you reach to Epi 9, you're flooded by medical terms that you don't really hear in your daily life. Normal people will understand heart attack, anemia, leukemia, by-pass operation. But normal people will not understand glioblastoma (epi 6), myelodysplastic syndrome (epi 7), pancreatitis (epi 9) and many more. I can imagine the confusion and chaos in audiences' brain trying to digest these terms when they're watching this drama on TV, live. Heck, I still have to wiki those terms (and read those wiki more than once) when I watched this drama with English subs (and we better be really really nice to the subbers because they work extra hard for this drama). And FujiTV releases the glossary terms on the website after the drama ends... is it a good move? Who would remember those terms after they watch it. My other guess is that the rating is low because everybody is recording it in their HDD. Ha!

OK, so, Epi 10 is basically continue on from what we left off in Epi 9, so if the audience skip Epi 9, the hell they're going to understand what's going on in Epi 10, thus... the rating... but pretty doctor is really pretty in this episode LOL... as always...

So let's start the pretties... )

DRAMAA!!!!! What's this??? Why Takumi is on the stretcher again? Why is he crying? *gah, Aiba-chan & tears... me: T__T, let me hug you*


Finale... soon!!!
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Yes!!! 2 episode to go! Kinda sad, but we all wanna know what's going on right? I was supposed to do this over the weekend but I got distracted... thanks to the everywhere is sold out to pre-order DVD saga (you know which DVD it is). Only 1 boyband will crash cdjapan site every time they release something. My brother tried to order something around the same time and was confused on why cdjapan suddenly not working? Something wrong? Now he knows why LOL... and also because I marathon-ed 'Dinner.' It's been awhile I saw food drama which are not... flat *hint Nobunaga no Chef*.

OK, so what do we have in 9th Episode. All mysteries starts to unveil but... still cryptic for lots of parts and especially without English subs... it's worse! I realise something... I thought Epi 6 was the worse, then I thought Epi 7 was even worse, and Epi 8 and now... Epi 9 has even bigger words than those previous episodes! What's wrong this drama? It's as if it has a mission to make me learn all those medical words that I'll definitely forget after this drama is done!

Lots of pretty caps because it's ending soon.. )

Cliff hanger!!! 'All the answer exist inside my body, right?' FujiTV, you've learned better to attract viewers for Epi 10, eh?

Can't wait! FujiTV please don't disappoint me with anti climax!!! This is a good drama!
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We're almost there! 3 more episodes to go and how's our doctors doing? Definitely not good!
We have Tae-san suddenly collapsed, Kyouko-chan traumatized (duh? who didn't?)...
Our pretty doctor still doesn't know who he is... Everybody in the past seems to be connected to Seito Kenji at one point in time...
Basically... we have a messy threads all over the place and how the rest of episodes wrap those mess up? It'll be interesting and I really hope FujiTV plays it smart and not put an anti-climax ending for this drama. I'll even take an open end ending rather than anti climax.
We don't have lots of pretty doctor shots. I tried to take as much as possible, but not that many in the first place because he's not the main focus in this episode. The argument this time is who has the right to call the shot to pull the plug when the patient is brain dead... masaka!!!! *Gasp* NOOOOOO!!!!

You're not alone... )

And this guy will be guesting in the next episode??? Gyaaaa... Look forward to it :)
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If seven is a lucky number, Last Hope 7th episode bounced back to be interesting, to me at least. I think the low rating for this episode is contributed from the 6th episode, not because this episode is boring. More revelation of those confusing entangled relationships, clearer yet shaddy past of our pretty doctor, etc etc... I'm very curious of what's in it for Soejima sensei to join this medical center? I find that he's the most mysterious character out of the team... and in this episode we'll find Komaki sensei creepy side... though I'm sure many of you have guessed it...

Episode 7 is about blood... it's interesting that somehow all the cases that this medical center handles will bounce back to those entangled relationships and messy pasts...

Let the pretty starts... )

OK, medical drama is really difficult without subs ne! All the more you have to appreciate those subbers! I'm not confident at all with my interpretation, could be wrong, or worse, way wrong haaa... but let's just enjoy the pretties until the subs are released!
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To be honest, I'm dreading making the caps from this episode, and even plan to just skip this, but then, it won't look nice when I filter my journal (I like my collection to be complete) LOL... The dreading part comes because of 2 reasons. 1. I think this episode is rather bland compare to the others, not much of pretty Hatano sensei in here too. 2. The medical terms... OMG, it's so many to the point that it's scary  Seriously, I'd rather wait for the subs than making the effort to understand it myself... which is why you won't see much of writing later...

However, in this episode (which is why I feel that I still have to make pretties from this episode), we have the interesting argument about what to choose, patient's wish or patient's life? What is your stand as a doctor? Also, you'll see gradually there's a change in Tachibana sensei (thanks to Hatano sensei's influence), she's becoming slightly more humane, without compromising her personality. She gets to see things from patient's point of view, not only her point of view, which is to save life.

Not so much pretties, but here we go... )
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The pretty and the cute are guesting for Tunnels to promote the Last Hope, and off course Tunnels oji-sans were geared up to... ensure that they have addition to their fab collection of A.RA.SHI 罰ゲーム performance. And the result is... a cure for stress, pure LOL and extra LOL...

Stress medicine... )
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We're at the 5th episode now... don't you think Aiba-chan's acting improve? I do think so. Human learns to adapt, especially if you're surrounded by good supports. Sometimes he's still being led by the other cast, example on the scene with Tabe Mikako, but I think Aiba-chan now can show more eye expressions and a deeper moody look (well not that deep, but good enough for me)... and while still STAY PRETTY :p...

And the drama? More juicy tidbits are released in this episode and... they're seriously interconnected! Can't wait for the reveal!... and I hope FujiTV not making it to become an anticlimax...

Lots of Aiba-chan pretties this time...

Don't tell me you're not be warned... )

Too much Aiba-chan? I doubt so... can't get enough of this pretty doctor... and I wish there's such a pretty doctor at the clinic nearby. I'll definitely go to see doctor whenever I got migraine wahaaa...
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So, I'm behind by about 3 episodes because... Chinese New Year hahaha... I ate a lot, gained weight, had more sleep but soon deprived again with stress at work hahaha... so what I'm doing to release those stress? Make pretty caps off course LOL..

So Epi 4 is about our playboy doctor Takagi sensei. Note that in Last Hope, doctor featured in the episode will be the first frame that you see at the beginning. And in this episode, you'll see a deeper character of our pretty Hatano sensei. He's in deed not as innocent! His pretty face is far different from his actual character. Some of his not so innocent traits that you'll pick up from this episode are he likes to fish for info (!!!!, you've seen a hint of it in Epi 3, but it become more obvious here), he's annoying especially when he's fishing for info because he'll put his pretty smiling face, he'll do things to get what he wants with his pretty smiling face, and I'd think I"ll find out more of these traits in the later episodes. But this makes the pretty doctor a human, not just a doll!

Meanwhile, the tangled relationship between these doctors are getting complicated... I think... FujiTV is trying very hard to keep us having question marks until... the end... they're trying really really hard haha...

One last thing... FujiTV have to treat their make up artist very well because... I didn't see any huge pores on Aiba's close up shots, unlike in Nitere's Mikeneko... so that's why we have lots of caps of our pretty doctor!


And now, here're the pretties... )
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OMG, it's getting deeper! Lots of things going on for 3rd episode! Is the whole team actually connected to one another? Aiba-chan is blessed with a good drama! And blessed FujiTV for choosing Aiba-chan for the lead of Last Hope.

This episode's operation is a bone operation with 'chipping' technique. Have no idea on the details but as Komaki-sensei kept saying, 'bone is interesting,'... in deed he's right. And if last week was Tachibana sensei's day, this week is Ogiwara sensei's. And we get to look further on what makes her a doctor today, plus who's the doctor on call during the incident? So much question marks, and our Hatano sensei has more secrets to be revealed!

And now the pretties!!!!

This time not so much pretties because other characters starts to come into picture... )

I'm very interested in how this drama will engulf because all the doctors in that team are somehow entangled with each other, interesting...
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It's getting hotter. More question marks appeared. More angst. More twisted relationship beneath a team of doctors trying to save lives on their day job.

So, 2nd episode star is Tachibana sensei. Her confidence and personality shone in this episode, even though I don't understand 95% of the medical terms gibberish, but to the very least I know it's about brain this time LOL... I like this episode better than first episode because it reveals that doctors' job is not always rosy and there's always good and bad moments, and definitely more angst and more stories on each doctors' pasts. 

Aiba-chan still looking pretty, looking kakkoii with the white coat. I'd think he looks better than 1st episode as Hatano sensei. But I'd like him to work on more than one angst expression. He doesn't have the dead fish eye look *thank goodness* but he needs to work on the whole facial expression, please call Nino for a tip or two. I'd consider Aiba-chan is lucky in this drama to be surrounded by great supporting casts, so he doesn't have to be the only pillar of the drama, but really, I think he can do more haha... Aiba-chan ganbatte ne!!! Look forward to episode 3!

*SPOILER* And here're the pretties.... they're addicting haha... )
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I'm just one of the impatient girl, watching medical drama without english sub. So, I may not understand all those medical related terms going on except the words 'operate' and 'cancer' (yeah, I've watched lots medical drama too LOL). But, allow me to say 1 thing, Last Hope shows that Aiba-chan can act, he just need a better written drama and this is one of them. I didn't see any majorly forced expression that made me cringe, so I'm happy with this and hope he's doing better and better in latter episode. He does need to take lesson from Nino to express more angst but he definitely has no problem in looking as a kakkoii doctor though.

Off course, being cash cow machine, Arashi has to do the OST song, 'Calling,' and I can't wait to see the performance because it's a cool song!


Proper review will be done after the whole series get subbed, until then... I'm here for the pretties... and Aiba-chan not joking with the 'medical suspend entertainment' thingy LOL...
*SPOILER* TONS of caps to commemorate pretty doctor's first episode... )

And I wish I have Hatano sensei attending to my VERY VERY bad ankle sprain now...


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